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About us

Kemikam is Kindness, Elegant, Munificent,Instill, Kindle, Abundance and Mettle. A Kemikam Diva is perceived as a strong and powerful diva,the type of power that radiates making you look confident. It signifies freedom loving and Free spirited individuals.
Born in June of 1998,Kemisinuola Afuwape, the founder and creative Director for Kemikam,a visionary,self taught and an incoming Nigeria fashion designer whose love and appreciation for those light bulb moments and black culture drove her into creating her own brand. 
I created Kemikam to give women the voice to speak through the way they feel when they put on any item from Kemikam, Whether I am thinking of the new designs and colors with the creative team or having fit sessions with the fit models and asking how each clothing or accessories makes them feel, I love that clothing can make you feel awake, confident and unique and I really want to share that feeling with you guys #KDivas. Our incoming collection features new designs, beautiful and bright colours, quality fabrics used in creating sleek jumpsuits,eye catching mini dresses, feminine bottom coordinates and my must-haves including bodysuits,scarves, purses, sandals, earrings and pendants. Every designs are carefully crafted and intentional. At kemikam quality and YOU are our priority.
For me, wanting to have a particular design in all colors available and referring kemikam to your close friends was so important to me when creating my brand. I know you guys will love and be obsessed with each design as much as I enjoyed creating them.
And this is just the beginning, Our debut collection drops soon, I can't wait to share with you.